Job Posting: Curatorial Assistant in Zoology

The Royal Saskatchewan Museum is seeking an energetic and highly motivated Curatorial Assistant to work in its zoology programs. The successful candidate will be responsible for a wide variety of roles to support the zoology programs at the RSM, including working closely with museum research scientists on the development and implementation of research projects, collecting and preparing specimens, cataloging and recording data, using MS Excel and KE Emu (database), overseeing field and laboratory activities, organizing collections and significantly contributing scientific content in the development of museum exhibits and programs.

The successful candidate must have knowledge and ability in preparing museum-quality animal specimens; the use of large databases; working in a wide variety of laboratory and field settings; cataloging museum collections; and an understanding, appreciation and dedication to disseminating information about Saskatchewan’s natural history to public audiences.

The competencies required for this position are typically gained through obtaining a M.Sc. in biological sciences.

Permanent Full-time
Salary range: $21.908-$27.456/hr (= ~ $42,500 to $53,300/year)
Closing date: 22-June-2014

Apply on-line at:
Position Title = Curatorial Assistant – Zoology
Competition Number = MUS000181

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