A Bird’s Eye-view

While attaching GPS transmitters to Ferruginous hawks in the summer of 2014, Jesse Watson and Cam Nordell encountered a number of composed, charismatic male Ferruginous Hawks, like those pictured below. Typically, a male Ferruginous Hawk eye color will range from a light brown to a fairly dark brown. Interestingly, in many raptor species, a keen observer will often be able to detect a change in eye color with age.RaptEye_1

During the attachment of the last transmitter of the summer Cam and Jesse encountered a particularly spectacular eye color in one individual. Below you can see the fantastic golden eye color of this particular male.RaptEye_2

If you look really closely you can actually see Cam and Jesse in the reflection of his retina. It takes a brave researcher to meet the steely gaze of one of the Canadian Grasslands top predators, but it was a fitting end to the 2014 Ferruginous Hawk transmitter attachment season.


Written by Cameron Nordell

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