Where are the Ferruginous hawks?

It’s that time of year again when we expect wintering Ferruginous Hawks to begin moving northward as they return to their breeding grounds. Currently, the Raptor Ecology and Conservation Team (REACT) is tracking 13 hawks located in Colorado, Kansas, Texas, California, and Coahuila, Mexico on their wintering grounds. See below for a map displaying the southward migration from this fall and the wintering locations where the hawks are currently located. Check back soon for spring migration updates!

adult male Ferruginous hawk
Adult male Ferruginous Hawk 193 prior to release in 2013 (photo credit: Jim Watson).

fall migration map
Nest location, fall 2013 migration, and current wintering ground locations for 13 Ferruginous Hawks captured 2012-2014.

Written by Jesse Watson

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