Field Fun Friday

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It’s always fun to change things up and work with a new species or in a new habitat. Songbird researcher Anjolene Hunt was happy to help Jesse Watson, Frank Pouw, and Walter the owl carry out Broad-winged hawk capture and transmitter attachment as part of the Migratory Connectivity Project, a collaborative effort between the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center and the University of Alberta. Photos and post by Anjolene Hunt.

Field Fun Friday

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Brown-headed cowbirds are brood parasites, animals that use other organisms to raise their young. Parents will lay their eggs in a different species nest, and the unsuspecting host will incubate the eggs, and feed the giant chicks, often at the expense of their own offpring. Here, a tiny black-and-white warbler feeds its unintentional adoptee. Post and photos by Anjolene Hunt.

Field Fun Friday


A lynx spotted on a trail camera set up by Darcy Doran-Myers in the Yukon.

In the clip below, two of our collared lynx, M02 (aka “Dan” – male, left) and F02 (aka “Furiosa” – female, right), were having a confrontation on a snowmobile trail in the Yukon. These two collared lynx were seen on Jan 26, 2016, where F02 wandered into an area normally occupied by M02. For over half an hour M02 was seen following F02 and had one previous shouting match. Given the season, this was likely a dispute over territory with M02 being annoyed with F02’s presence rather than an amorous male and an unreceptive female. However, M02 might want to learn to pick his fights a bit better in the future.

Post by Kevin Chan. If you want to see a higher-quality version, check out Kevin’s original post.