Justine Kummer


I was born in Edmonton and haven’t left (yet!). My favourite place in Edmonton is the River Valley. I love walking and biking through it during the summer. I also greatly enjoy finding random, obscure events that happen in the city (Medieval May or a Model Train Show!)

I love to travel and spent 4 months after my undergrad backpacking through Europe. My love for history grew during this time. All I want is to go back! I have a not-so-secret desire to live in London one day.

My passions include figure skating. I skated for years and then coached throughout University. I also follow competitive skating quite closely. Patrick Chan and Scott & Tessa <3

Additionally I am an avid fan girl. You will find me at all Comic-Expos, probably dressed up as my favourite Doctor Who companion. Also, one of my favourite past times is discussing fictional characters living in fictional worlds with my nerd friends 🙂

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