Melanie Dickie

Melanie_Cute Chickie

My background is with shorebirds and seabirds off the coast of Southampton Island and Nova Scotia, respectively. While I enjoyed watching chicks battle it out with spunk, I’ve traded in hours of sitting in a blind, for hours of sitting at my computer watching GPS locations pop up.

To balance my indoor time, I spend a lot of my free time hiking, camping, and being outside. Being from Ontario, I miss hiking through beautiful Maple forests in the fall, but now enjoy treks through the gorgeous Rockies. My true passion is animals, plain and simple. I work hands on with animals as often as I can, whether it be helping colleagues with their projects, hanging out with my dogs, or riding horses. The only thing that might compete with my love for animals, is my love for food – especially French and French Canadian food. mmm poutine.

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