Anjolene Hunt

Anj3Degree: Master of Science in Ecology
Project Title: Habitat use and demography of Canada Warblers in an intensively managed forest landscape
Anjolene graduated with a BSc in Biological Sciences, specializing in zoology, from the University of Manitoba in 2012. Her interests include avian conservation, behavioural ecology, and the effects of human land use on wildlife. After several seasons as a field technician on avian conservation projects, she took on her current role as an MSc student at the University of Alberta. Anjolene’s project will assess how the threatened Canada Warbler uses habitat in landscapes with high forestry activity, and how breeding success and population dynamics are affected in altered landscapes in boreal Alberta. She will use radio-telemetry to track movements of individual Canada Warblers, and estimate productivity using behavioural observations and monitoring of nests. Understanding these concepts will help suggest best practices in Forest Management Areas in Alberta, and aid in recovery planning for this species at risk.