Wild Weather

Photo: Janet Ng.

Photo: Janet Ng.

Spring snow storms, tornado warnings, hail storms, and thunder storms are all part of field work. While we can take cover in our houses and trucks, Ferruginous Hawks are left out in the storm to fend for themselves.

It can get pretty rough out there. In fact, Ferruginous Hawk nests can actually blow right out of the tree, usually killing the eggs or young. Our nest monitoring program has found that 20% of nest failures are due to nests blow-outs and climate change scientists are worried that this will happen more often when storms become more frequent and more severe.


What Happened to “The Early Bird Gets the Worm?”

Our Ferruginous Hawk crew had been installing tiny digital cameras near hawk nests to record how much food is delivered by the parents, hawk behaviour at the nest, and even prowling predators.

Not every minute is action though, as this sleepy FEHA is obviously not a morning bird.


Click on the photo to download a video of a sleeping Ferruginous Hawk.

Guess its a good thing FEHAs are raptors, not worm-eaters!