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We are looking to hire 2-3 field assistants to begin working for the University of Alberta as soon as possible through the end of September and into October. Main duties will include collecting vegetation information at sites used during the breeding season by telemetered hawks. Additional duties will include groundtruthing hawk home ranges to confirm the presence of various habitat types and human infrastructure (e.g., presence of oil gas/wells, roads, crop/native habitat, etc.). Work will be conducted throughout the prairies across southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. Pay will range between $2000-2500/mo depending on experience.
Work will be completed in teams of 3-6 people. Vegetation surveys will require ~10 km walking per day. The job will also require a fair amount of commuting between sites. Accommodations will be provided and will consist of either a field house or motels. Food and vehicles are also provided.
Please send a resume and references to Jesse Watson with your available start date: (

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