Southern Rockies Grizzly Bear Project End of Summer Update

Fall is upon us in the Southern Rockies. The leaves are changing, the elk are bugling, and we have seen a number   of snowfalls on the mountains.1

The berry crop has been great this year and the grizzly bears have likely benefited greatly. Pictured below are buffaloberry (Sheperdia canadiensis) and black huckleberry (Vaccinium membranaceum) with good fruit yields.32





Of course, no good study on huckleberry is complete without eating a few yourself and ending up with the indelible stains.

4 5

Last week we took advantage of the good fruit crop and the bear’s insatiable appetite. We darted and collared a few female bears with GPS collars while they were out feeding in the alpine huckleberry fields.

6 7

Of course, what good is a blog post without some shameless pictures of my field partners!

10  9

By Clayton Lamb

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