ARU Tampering Mystery Solved

Throughout the summer months Dr. Erin Bayne and his crew of hardworking techs and students followed through on an effort to acoustically and visually monitor an entire township. An automated recording unit (ARU) and trail camera were paired and deployed every one-kilometer within the designated area.

Though our other boreal field studies are tailored to detect various bird and amphibian species, we are always intrigued to know what other critters are lurking around. Thanks to the strategically placed trail cam used in the township survey, we now know who’s been gnawing on our microphones. I think it is about time that we stop blaming each other for any misnamed files, as it looks like the real culprit has been tampering with our high-tech ARUs in his spare time.

Natasha_BearStoryby Natasha Annich

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