Team FEHA goes the distance

One year ago, three members of the Bayne Lab, Cam Nordell, Jesse Watson and Melynda Johnson, were fortunate enough to attend the Worldwide Raptor Conference, put on by the Raptor Research Foundation in Bariloche, Argentina.

Jesse and Cam successfully navigated their first conference talks as graduate students and the group was exposed to lots of cool raptor research occurring across the Americas. A few conference representatives even shared research from as far away as China and Europe.

Not only that, the group had the fantastic opportunity to do some birding! Here are a few of the more interesting birds we spotted during our birding adventures. Pictured below are the: the Crested Caracara (top left), Magellanic Woodpecker (female, top right), Great Grebe (bottom left), and the black-faced ibis (bottom right).

RRF1The group also wanted to capture a photo of an Andean Condor and, with advice from some local enthusiasts, Cam did his best impersonation of “roadkill” to attract the opportunistic scavenger.


The group felt very lucky to attend a conference in such a remote, and amazing location and hope to contribute their own research at future events.

By Cam Nordell and Jesse Watson

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