Boreal Caribou of BC

Over the past two years, the Organising Committee of the 14th North American Caribou Workshop has been involved in a number of initiatives that highlight the value of caribou to Canadians (and other peoples across the circumpolar distribution of Rangifer), the challenges of conserving caribou, and the research and other activities meant to maintain caribou across arctic, boreal, and mountain landscapes. One of those initiatives is three short videos that explain the ecology and conservation of woodland caribou found in British Columbia (BC). The 14th Caribou Workshop was held in Fort St. John, BC, thus, the focus on the three ecotypes of caribou found in BC (Boreal, Southern Mountain, Northern Mountain).  However, the messages are general and meant to build a broader understanding of caribou across Canada and beyond.

The videos will be released every two weeks (November 3, 17 and December 1 ) and are available in high resolution at Vimeo and Youtube.  The first video was released already and is focused on boreal caribou ( or

Courtesy of Chris Johnson on behalf of the Organising Committee for the 14th North American Caribou Workshop

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