Field Fun Friday

WWWolfWith all this snow melt comes the end of the wolf trapping season for the Regional Industry Caribou Collaboration. Even without the cooperation of Mother Nature this year, field crew were able to catch lots of wolves, including this handsome guy (sorry Fraser, we are talking about the wolf). Don’t worry – the wolf is anesthetized for it’s protection and ours. While Melanie Dickie won’t be using data from this year’s field season for her thesis, the collaboration with industry and consultants lives on!


Learn Ecology through a University of Alberta Field Course in Kananaskis

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In August, Stan Boutin teaches an ecology field course in Kananaskis, Alberta. This provides undergraduate students at the University of Alberta with a unique opportunity to experience Rocky Mountain ecosystems. Students live at the Barrier Lake Field Station ( and take day trips throughout the area to gain hands-on field skills, including working with wild animals.


Students explore population ecology by live capture and marking of small mammals to determine population size. Community ecology is introduced by measuring invertebrate species diversity in streams. Observing pikas in their natural habitat gives students a chance to discover behavioural ecology concepts. Students then have the opportunity to apply these skills by designing their own field study. This is a great chance to experience ecology in action while exploring the untamed beauty of Alberta’s mountains and wildlife.


This year’s course will take place from 19-29 August, 2015. If you are interested in attending or want more information about the course and prerequisites, please contact Stan ( or check out the course website (


Photos are from the 2014 field course, post and photos by Jessica Haines.


Boutin Bayne Lab Represents at the 25th ACTWS Conference

Congratulations to all the Boutin-Bayne students who presented at this year’s ACTWS conference!

A special shout out to all the students who won awards:

High Five

Are songbirds disappearing?

Be sure to watch SongbirdSOS, on the Nature of Things.  This episode of the nature tv series will detail the threats facing songbirds and the researchers studying these species.  Our own Dr. Erin Bayne will be in this episode!

SongbirdSOS debuts Thursday, March 19, 2015, at 8 pm on CBC-TV.  Read more here:


Job openings with Beaverhill Bird Observatory

Beaverhill Bird Observatory is seeking a biologist/bander for May 1, 2015-March 31, 2016.  Applications are due by March 31!  If interested take a look at the link:  Job Posting Beaverhill Bird Obs head 2015

Additionally, BBO is seeking a seasonal field assistant for May 1-August 31, 2015.  Applications are due March 30.  Job Posting Beaverhill Bird Obs 2015 assistant

Field Fun Friday

Today’s #FFF depicts the geographic extremes of the Rocky Mountain Range in British Columbia encountered by one of our crew this summer.  As biologists, we are very lucky to work in remote and beautiful landscapes while conducting research and these untouched landscapes provide motivation for the work we do as conservation biologists.

Summer in the Northern Rockies



A fall day in the Southern Rockies- Flathead Valley, BC.