Grizzly Bear Research Field Update

We began our 2015 field season in the Southern Rockies grizzly bear population unit of British Columbia.  We “opened” up all the hair traps, which consisted of clearing all old bear hair off of the barbed wire to ready the tree for subsequent collections.  Our main goal with this work is to monitor trends in grizzly bear demography using DNA-based mark-recapture techniques.  This project has been ongoing since 2006.

Hair trap for collecting grizzly bear hair.

I also recently took part in capturing and collaring a female grizzly bear in the West Kootenays of BC.  We fit this female with a collar that we will use to track her movements, survival and help us to locate her when we are checking for annual reproduction (cubs).

A grizzly bear collar.


Grizzly bear with a collar.

This week I will find myself on the fringe of the Okanagan and the Kootenay regions where I will be leading an intensive DNA-based mark-recapture inventory of grizzly bears on the Granby and Kettle rivers.
Post and photos by Clayton Lamb.