Wildlife Technician Positions

The Bioacoustic Unit, a collaboration between the Bayne Lab at the University of Alberta and the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI), is seeking 2-4 skilled technicians for work in the spring and summer of 2016.

When: Spring & Summer 2016, start and end date TBD with possibility of extension into fall 2016

Where: Boreal forest and grasslands of Alberta

Salary: $2500 $2900 / month DOE

Duties: Technicians will be working with acoustic recording technology to survey rare animals and species-at-risk in the boreal forest and grasslands of Alberta. Other duties include equipment maintenance and preparation, data entry and interpretation of audio recordings.

Requirements: A minimum of 2 years working in remote conditions is preferable. Technicians must endure long hikes (5-10 km/day), carrying heavy loads (up to 40 lbs.), inclement weather and biting insects. Applicants with the following experience will be preferred: experience driving 4×4 trucks, trailer hauling and driving ATVs; working alone in isolated conditions far from urban areas; ability to navigate using compass, maps and GPS; ability to sustain camp life for long periods (cooking, cleaning, etc.). Applicants should be independent, self-starters, problem-solvers and have good morale.

Accommodations & Schedule: Accommodations in the field (rustic camps), food and travel to field sites will be provided. Applicants must provide their own accommodations in Edmonton during field preparation days and days off. Applicants can expect to spend long periods of time in the field and those with flexible schedules will be preferred.

A CV along with 3 references can be sent to both:

Hedwig Lankau Research Coordinator

Alex MacPhail Field Coordinator