Help needed for a bizarre request!

Do you have your driver’s license and PAL? Are you interested in 1) making some quick money 2) seeing Canada from Toronto to Calgary in a flash and 3) doing someone a favor? Keep reading…

A former Bayne-Boutin lab member has a bizarre request. They need someone (preferably 2 people) to drive 4,800 12 gauge shotgun smokeless blanks (i.e, no black powder, no projectiles) from Markam Ontario (just north of Toronto) back to Calgary. Timing is VERY tight – they need them in their hands on Friday evening (drop dead by Sat). Google Maps says the trip takes ~ 35 hours.

They will pay for your flight to Toronto, car rental + gas, food + hotel en route and provide compensation for your time (make an offer).

If interested, contact Jesse Tigner at 780 886 0943

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