Emily Upham-Mills


I first found my passion for studying wildlife in 2008 when I assisted with a black ratsnake monitoring project as a part of my job as a provincial park naturalist in Ontario. The following summer, I had a full-blown field technician position helping a Masters student on his research on turtle habitat selection in Algonquin Park. I graduated from the University of Guelph with an undergraduate in Wildlife Biology in 2011 and flew straight to Costa Rica to work as a field assistant on a monkey behaviour study. After testing out work in the mammal and herpetology worlds, I finally landed in the bird world where I worked as a field technician for the Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS), studying prairie loggerhead shrikes. I moved to Alberta from Ontario in 2012 and have worked for CWS on many contracts since then, which eventually evolved into joining the boreal bird research network. A 6-month contract in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, sold me on learning more about songbird populations in the north, and I currently spend much of my time conducting field work in the NWT. When not in the field I like to spend time running in the Edmonton river valley, hosting social events with my room mates, playing squash, cross-country skiing, and getting out to the mountains as much as possible for hiking, camping and snowboarding.

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