Janet Ng


I currently study possible cumulative effects on Ferruginous Hawks in the Canadian Prairies. I completed my Master of Science at the University of Regina studying Common Nighthawks, which I enjoyed greatly even though nightjars smell funny. After finishing my masters, I worked as an environmental consultant and then as an environmental educator in Saskatchewan. In 2010, I was pleased to return to Alberta and my hometown, Edmonton, to study Ferruginous Hawk ecology in southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. When attempting work-life balance, I enjoy walking my dog, outdoor photography, and sleeping in a tent. You can usually find me with a cup of coffee in hand and Chaco sandals on my feet, whether in the field or in the office working on data. Some would say that I was a chocoholic. They may be right.

Follow my biology wanderings, coffee tastings, and dog walks on http://instagram.com/blackskimmer

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  1. Dear Janet,

    for six years now I have been doing research on European nightjars (Caprimulgus europaeus). First as a Ms-student and currently as a PhD-student. We are mainly focussing on their breeding and foraging ecology. For this we have been using VHF-telemetry and recently started by GPS-tagging them. I was hoping to get some more information about the PTT’s you have been using on your nighthawks. Could you send me some information about that?

    Thanks in advance!
    And yes… boy can those nightjars smell 🙂

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