Melynda Johnson

MelyndaI worked for many years as an environmental advisor and consultant for industry, studying terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems from the Northwest Territories to Costa Rica, before I decided to go back to school and do some heavy lifting in biological research. When I don’t have a pair of binos strapped to my face and am not staring intently at my computer, I enjoy playing sports, including fastball, volleyball and badminton and trying to train my small herd of horses (my list of broken bones would suggest the horses are winning though). I also love travelling and some of my favorite places are India (being lost and confused and worrying about a coffee flower parasite that purportedly climbs up your nose into your brain…although that may have been a fabrication that the locals are still laughing about), Borneo (tracking gibbons through a rainforest and then spending terrified moments removing terrestrial leeches from armpits, waistbands and other hard to reach places), and New Zealand (bungee jumping off the highest bridge jump in the country? Check), but my heart belongs in the boreal forests and prairies of Canada. I’ve recently returned to the job force and am working as a wildlife biologist for the provincial government as I continue to write my thesis. No problem, right. Right? Nah, it is incredibly difficult to write a thesis and work full-time, but I enjoy a challenge.

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