Cameron Nordell

NordellCam completed his BSc, a Degree in Biology with a Specialization in Ecology, at the University of Alberta in 2011. In 2012 Cam began his current MSc work in the Grasslands of Canada studying Ferruginous Hawks as part of a collaborative research group, REACT (The Raptor Ecology and Conservation Team) consisting of multiple graduate and post-doctoral researchers. The primary focus of Cam’s work is to understand the importance of human development and landuse and how it may affect Ferruginous Hawk nesting behaviour. He hopes that a better understanding of human-wildlife interactions will help inform t better management strategies for this Species at Risk (SAR). In addition to his passion for raptor behaviour, Cam is actively involved in a diversity of projects including, but not limited to, isotopic ecology, climate change, foraging ecology and acoustics.